I truly want to help others find there optimum state of well-being one Reiki session at a time starting in my hometown of Butte, MT and so much more!  Every session is different because every person is different.  Reiki allows me to tune into the unique aspects of every beautiful soul that I meet.  My hope is to one day share this gift with many so that all can live a life of beauty, love and fulfillment.  Reiki can bring positive changes to your life.

I Have Expanded

I have expanded to add many more tools to my spiritual tool box to guide those in need in my hometown of Butte, MT, the surrounding areas and so much more!  I am still a Reiki Master and now teach Reiki but I have now expanded to add psychic medium readings, Angel Readings, Energy Readings, Energy Clearings, House and Land Clearings, General Consultations, ThetaHealing® Practitioner and coming soon…..Spiritual Life Coaching.  So, stay tuned so much more to come!


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