Energy Readings

Our physical body responds to our environment, our thoughts, our words and the thoughts and words of others.  We can also pick up tag-a-longs in our journey that don’t belong in our space.

With energy readings I scan your entire energy body and physical body. I can see energies that may not belong and clear them (doing an energy clearing). I can also release emotions and feelings that belong to someone else.  I can release the energy that is put in place by family members, friends and co-workers causing fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc.  I can also tune up chakras and microcosmic orbits.  I will also deliver messages from guardian angels, guides or any messages that your body wants me to deliver. I mix Reiki, Mediumship and a few other modalities to do energy readings. I basically use what is in my spiritual tool box to do the energy work that I’m guided to do.

Contact me today to book an appointment.  Readings can be done over the phone or in-person.  Readings are 30-60 minutes.  Give it a try!  Contact me for more information!

Readings can be done over the phone or in-person
1 Hour Reading 
– $80   contact
Half Hour Reading – $40   contact
*Readings are charged accordingly if the reading extends beyond 1 hour*