~ Angela V.


I have scheduled multiple Reiki sessions with Stephanne because I have noticed that each session brings me closer to a more balanced me.  It has helped my anxiety.  It has aided me in clearing my mind in stressful situations and it helps me sleep much better!  I would recommend a Reiki session for those who believe in this form of alternative balancing of energy.

~ Makenzie V.


Reiki helped me when I was in my worst spots.  It opened my mind up and relieved some of the stress that I had been experiencing.    After each session I would sleep so much better and I would wake up refreshed!  It also has improved my focus so that I could concentrate in class.

~ Tina G.


I have never been at a more peaceful moment in my life than when i have my sessions with  Stephanne, She does an amazing job for me, she helps me find my center and has always helped me relax and focus on what is needed in my life! I would never trust anyone with this task but I do her! I recommend her for anyone!  Thank You Steph!

~ Heather B.

Reiki and Intuitive Session

Those who don’t know what reiki is, needs to try it! It is calming, relaxing and you’ll want to come back for more. If you are a person who doesn’t like physical contact from a massage, but you want the same relaxing, stress relief, rejuvenating effect? This is perfect for you. Stephanne is great at what she does and you’ll never meet a more genuine person.

In addition to her phenomenal reiki sessions, she is very gifted and now offers intuitive sessions as well. Within these sessions, you’ll be blown away by the information she gives you, but will bring you to peace with loved ones who passed. From my personal experience, there is no way Stephanne would have known the things she did if she truly did not have this gift. Who needs Theresa Caputo when Stephanne has the same amazing gift and she’s locally here in Butte, MT!!! I highly recommend making an appointment today! You will not be disappointed!!!

~ Tracey H.

Reiki and Intuitive

My experiences with Stephanne and her gift with Reiki have been wonderful.  I’ve gone into those sessions feeling wound up and nervous and by the end of the session I feel so much better!!  I feel grounded and calm and comforted and even strengthened.  I feel peaceful.  I don’t really understand how it works, but I know it does.  She is very gifted in what she does.  Although I’ve never really scheduled a formal intuitive session with her, she just chooses wording that resonates with who I am and what I’m thinking about.  It’s like she has been following me around all week, and suddenly starts answering my questions.  It is funny.  I know she is blessed with a gift, and that she really wants to help people in a new and unique way.  I think connecting with her and working with her would improve anyone’s life.  We are lucky to have her here in our community.

Are You Ready For The Experience?

If you have never experienced Reiki, contact me today to find out how you can get a discount on your first session!