Divine Clarity Signature Reading
1/2 hour session $88
In a Divine Clarity Signature session you receive and Energy Reading (Which includes chakra clearing and balancing, energy clearing, Aura clearing, removal of psychic attacks and hooks, messages from your body about unprocessed emotions and Reiki), an Angel Reading and any questions you might have at the end of the session..
NOTE: messages from loved ones or guides can be in place of messages from the angels.
**If the reading goes over 30 minutes, the session is charged accordingly.

How Readings are Done

Readings can be done in-person, phone or Zoom
**NOTE: all sessions will be phone or Zoom only from November 24th to March 15th.

How to Pay?

You can pay via Venmo, PayPal or I do take cards over the phone.

What to Expect

In a Reading anything can happen!  What you see above is the foundation for the session.  Once the door opens, many messages can come through.  This could include images and information from a past life,  situations happening in this life that you are seeking clarity on, it could be an ancestor that you don’t know, it could also be messages that you, your home and your family need an energy clearing.  I’ve also had star people give messages for those who believe they are star seeds.  Keeping an open mind is key.  I only receive what you allow me to receive.

How Spirit Works

I have many who come to me and say can that really exist in the universe?  YES!  YES it can and it does!  Always in love and light of course.  I believe that I am always protected and surrounded by love and you are too.  Our loved ones, angels, guides and many other beings of love and light surround us every day.  They give us guidance when we ask for it and support us in the creation of our own life.  They respect our free will and allow us to learn from our experiences.  They will send us internal messages.  If we aren’t listening internally, they will send them externally in songs, billboards, conversations happening around us, butterflies, rainbows, flowers, etc.

Are there Negative Energies?

Absolutely!  However, remember you are always protected and surrounded by the love of your angels, your loved ones and your guides.  If you feel that you are having trouble with something like this….please Contact me.  Let’s chat. I have had many experiences with these types of energies.

Are You Ready to Book a Session?

Contact me today to schedule an appointment. I would LOVE to hear from you!