45-60 Minute Reiki Session

In-Person Session $60.00

Reiki Package

Get THREE Reiki sessions for $150.00!

Distance Reiki Session

Done From A Distance $60.00

Reiki Items

Reiki Anything!  $25.00

Intuitive Readings

Receive messages from loved ones, guides or angels. $60

Terms and Conditions

  1.  All in-person sessions are held in my home right here in Butte, Montana.
  2. Distance sessions are available for those in the U.S. only.
  3. Please e-mail or call for an appointment.
  4. You can pay at the time of the Reiki session by check or cash.
  5. Give Reiki sessions as a gift.  Call or e-mail me to find out how!
  6. Reiki items can be done from anywhere even if you don't live in Montana.
  7.  Intuitive Readings can be done over the phone with pre-payment.

More About Our Services

45-60 Minute Reiki session - May just be what you need to reduce the stress of your crazy work week.  This is a one time session for $60.00.  All sessions are done out of my home right here in Butte, Montana!  Contact me today to schedule your appointment!

Reiki Package - is 3 sessions at a discounted rate.  It is very beneficial to schedule frequent Reiki sessions to help you stay at your optimum state of well-being.  Three sessions for $150.00.  Contact me today to schedule your appointments!

Distance Reiki Session- Reiki can be performed from a distance.  You can relax in the comfort of your own home while I do a Reiki session from my home right here in gorgeous Butte, Montana.  Contact me for more information!

Reiki Your Favorite Items- Reiki can be performed on any item.  Example:  I can Reiki your necklace to help you feel more positive while wearing that item.  You set your intentions and I can send Reiki to it.  I can also send Reiki to larger items such as your car, your home, etc.  (Sending Reiki to larger items will have a different fee  Contact me for more information)  Give it a try!  Contact me for more information!

Intuitive Readings- I am practicing my intuitive/mediumship abilities.  If you feel that you have loved ones, guides or angels that are trying to reach you, Contact me today to book an appointment.  Readings can be done over the phone or in-person.  Give it a try!  Contact me for more information!

Are you ready to Relax?

Always be sure to find time for yourself.  Find time to relax and de-stress.  Try a Reiki session today!